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Michelle Sellgren

REALTOR® Lic# SL3055063
Invest, Buy & Sell With Michelle SELLgren!

Michelle Sellgren provides highly personalized professional real estate services to buyers, sellers and investors in the Central Florida market. She is an experienced real estate agent with a marketing background. Although Michelle enjoys working with both buyers and sellers, she specializes in working with investors. When you sell your home with Michelle, your property will be marketed with the utmost professionalism. For buyers and investors, Michelle finds out what YOUR needs and goals are and delivers just that. She asks the right questions to get at what's most important to you.

Foreign investors, find out about investing in tourist friendly Central Florida! Ich spreche Deutsch!

Michelle celebrates diversity and welcomes folks of all religions (or no religion!) and cultural backgrounds, as well as folks in the LGBTQ community. We are #OrlandoStrong!

Gold Key Certified
Member of Central Florida Realty Investors


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So You Wanna Be A Property Flipper...
Renovation workers

Just recently I had an aspiring property flipper call me after seeing my vehicle magnets that say "I Love Scary Houses." She was looking to connect and learn how to go about becoming a real estate flipper. Flipping houses means you buy a property that's in poor condition for a low price, invest in the

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Considering A Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle?
Piggy Belly Rub

As I chitchat with my customers, inevitably it comes up that I'm vegetarian (almost vegan). It seems to be of real interest to some. I find it very encouraging to see that more and more people are becoming more open minded to a plant based diet, or at least perhaps consuming less animal products. These

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Selling & Buying During a Pandemic
Holding Keys To the House

One of the hardest things to manage in real estate as a Realtor is multiple transactions closing at the same time. If Closing 1 needs that money to go to Closing 2, and Closing 2 needs that money for Closing 3, and so on... If any one of those closings goes off the rails, it's

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Changing Needs For International Investors
Global Investors

Central Florida is a favorite vacation destination for people from around the globe. Many foreign investors have vacation homes near the Kissimmee attractions, allowing friends and family to enjoy the property year after year. This year, 2020, is unlike any year we've had in our lifetime. During this global pandemic, many foreign investors may be

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