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Before & After Renovation: 4066 Ford St

I recently had the opportunity to work closely on a renovation project with an out-of-state investor. He had purchased a small house in Orlando that needed extensive renovation and repairs. He chose the contractor and I checked up on his progress almost weekly. I enjoyed being able to give my input on paint colors, flooring and type of renovations.

We had no idea the trials and tribulations we would go through! The whole job should have taken 3-6 months to complete. It almost took a year. Near the end, the contractor went on vacation and — believe it or not — died. We were scrambling to complete the job with the help of the skilled laborers and the helpful neighbors. Then, as we put the house on market for sale, it came to my attention that not one but TWO scam artists were trying to use the photos I had put on the MLS and descriptive text to market the house as a rental! A police report was filed and I put a notice in the window to alert any possible victims that the house was NOT for rent and NOT to give anyone deposit money!

In the end, we were pleased with the final result. It was definitely a dramatic transformation, from dreary to adorable. It was a pleasure getting to know the investor/owner and we plan to work together again in the future.