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Sellers: Why You Should Update Outdoor Spaces

Whether you're thinking of selling soon or you plan to stay in your home for the long haul, your outdoor space is more important now than ever before. With the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic still fresh in our minds, most homeowners are re-...

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Home Squeezed

Upsize Or Downsize? What You Should Know

There are lots of reasons someone might want to move, but the biggest reasons often involve the need for upsizing or downsizing. No matter which way you're going, your current home just isn't meeting your needs. That's a good indication it's ti...

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Win The Bidding War & Get The House!

If you've been in the market to buy a house lately, you know how competitive it is out there! It can be very dismaying when you lose several times--but what a wonderful feeling it is when you WIN the bidding war! Read on to learn what you can d...

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File Homestead Exemption By March 1st

If you bought a home in 2020 and it's the home you live in, it's time to apply for homestead exemption. Deadline is March first! According to Seminole County's website, "Homestead Exemption is a tax reduction allowable to homeowners who make th...

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Renovation workers

So You Wanna Be A Property Flipper…

Just recently I had an aspiring property flipper call me after seeing my vehicle magnets that say "I Love Scary Houses." She was looking to connect and learn how to go about becoming a real estate flipper. Flipping houses means you buy a pro...

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Piggy Belly Rub

Considering A Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle?

As I chitchat with my customers, inevitably it comes up that I'm vegetarian (almost vegan). It seems to be of real interest to some. I find it very encouraging to see that more and more people are becoming more open minded to a plant based diet...

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Holding Keys To the House

Selling & Buying During a Pandemic

One of the hardest things to manage in real estate as a Realtor is multiple transactions closing at the same time. If Closing 1 needs that money to go to Closing 2, and Closing 2 needs that money for Closing 3, and so on... If any one of those ...

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Global Investors

Changing Needs For International Investors

Central Florida is a favorite vacation destination for people from around the globe. Many foreign investors have vacation homes near the Kissimmee attractions, allowing friends and family to enjoy the property year after year. This year, 202...

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I Work With FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) Sellers

Lately there has been WAY more demand for properties than there is inventory. That means more people want to buy than there are properties available for them to even look at! I often say, "Anything under $250K is going like hotcakes!" You can d...

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Christine Robison, Homebridge

Roll Renovations Right Into Your Mortgage Loan

As inventory remains low for anything remotely affordable, buyers may want to consider that fixer upper that just needs a little love. Sure, everyone would love a renovated, move-in ready home and buyers will pay top dollar for it. If that home...

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Michael Argula, Loan Originator

Down Payment Assistance Can Help You Buy A House

If you've ever had the desire to own a home of your own, you may have been daunted by the lack of down payment money. It's tough to save money when you're barely making ends meet. But, if there's a will, there's a way. Sometimes people save the...

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Repair Bill

SPRING SPECIAL: Free Home Warranty For Sellers

Why is a home warranty a good idea? For buyers, it instills a sense of confidence in a property. At least for the first year, there is the peace of mind that the main things that could need repair are essentially taken care of with just a servi...

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Realtor During COVID-19

Your Reliable Guide In A Strange Market

People have called this time during the Coronavirus Pandemic "unprecedented times" or "uncertain times"... I just think it's downright strange! I feel like I'm living in a movie. Nothing is exactly normal anymore. But, regardless of the virus, ...

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Thinking Of Selling This Spring?

It's no secret that Florida's selling season, when most real estate sales occur, is from March until July/August. This year, I have noticed a surge of activity just as soon as 2020 began! January has been a super busy month for me! I'm not comp...

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In Search Of Scary Houses

You know the kind of house I'm talking about. It's the eyesore of the neighborhood with its blue tarps, boarded-up windows and overgrown grass. Nobody knows what's going on with it. There are rumors it's haunted. Everyone wishes somebody would ...

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Fixer Upper

7 Things to Look For When Evaluating a House

When I'm showing my buyer customers homes, I like to share with them some of the things I've learned to look for in a property. As an inspiring investor/flipper, I've taken the past few years to hone my skills in evaluating properties, renovati...

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Dreaming of a house

5 Things You Need To Buy Your First Home

Currently I'm working with a friend, a young man who is buying his very first home. It's fun to see his excitement and answer his nervous questions! Here are some of the tips I've given him as we began this journey. These are the five things...

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Changes ahead?

A Gift For Sellers This November

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm offering something special to my customers. Are you or someone you know thinking of selling a house? The holidays are a great time to sell since competition slows down about 25% and homes decorated for the hol...

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Overpriced Listings

What You Lose When You Price Too High

Often sellers are tempted to list their property at a much higher price than their Realtor recommends. It's understandable, sellers have their heart and money invested in the property and they want to get the most out of it. Many will try to do...

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Before & After Renovation: 4066 Ford St

I recently had the opportunity to work closely on a renovation project with an out-of-state investor. He had purchased a small house in Orlando that needed extensive renovation and repairs. He chose the contractor and I checked up on his progre...

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Cash out of pocket

Buy With Very Little Down Payment

If you qualify for any of the down payment assistance programs in your area, you could get into a home of your own for almost no money down! I recently worked with some buyers who did just that. The cash the down payment assistance provided ...

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Thank You Gift

List In May For A FREE Home Warranty

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, now is the time! If you sign a listing agreement with Michelle Sellgren to sell a house valued over $300,000 before May ends, to thank you she will pay up to $600 towards a Home Warranty....

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Free Painting When You Close With Michelle

Michelle Sellgren offers her buyers and sellers a special closing gift: an original acrylic painting! They vary in size, usually 9" x 12" or 16" x 20". The subjects and styles range widely as well. Some are realistic, others are surrealistic. ...

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Wonder Woman Realtor

Psychology & Real Estate

You may not know that Michelle Sellgren has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, with a Sociology minor, from the University of Florida. This in depth study of human nature fit in well with her desire to help people, and ultimately brought her to ...

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Selling Your Home Is A Beauty Contest

List Early For Less Competition

When you list your property for sale, it can be a lot like a beauty contest. Buyers will look at a lot of houses and compare yours to the hottie two blocks over. Buyers browse through contestant after contestant, looking for that stunning, stan...

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Must Sell Sign

Should You List With One Of Those New Companies?

It seems every week a new real estate company crops up offering to buy your house for a great price while saving you on commission and avoiding the hassle of open houses and buyers touring your house. Is it really that easy? It sounds a bit too...

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Communicating With Contractors

I recently worked with an out-of-state seller to prepare her property she had used as a rental for sale. As part of my Specialized Services For Investors I made a list of suggested updates and repairs. I then gathered estimates from two General...

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Tarped Roof

Specialized Services For Investors

Since I've been learning and preparing to flip properties myself over the past few years, I especially enjoy working with investors. It's fun to envision how a property can be transformed, but ultimately I get how investors look at properties, ...

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Military Dad

Serving Those Who Have Served Our Country

It's truly an honor to served veterans and active military. I once sat at a closing table of the sale of my listing where the seller, the buyer and the buyer's agent were all veterans. Boy, you should have heard the conversations! It was a joy ...

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Worried Buyer

What If The Appraisal Comes In Low

Very recently I was working with a buyer looking for her first home. We had a house under contract and had just finished the inspection when the appraisal came in. It was $18,500 less than the sale price we had under contract and we were all sh...

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Old A/C

Top 6 Money Hogs To Look For When Buying A House

If you're new to buying a house or just starting on your home shopping journey, let me tell you the top six things to look for that can cost tons of money to repair or replace. Of course you'll want to get a professional home inspection, but th...

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Earth Day

Earth Day Festivities & Home Ideas

This weekend, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Although every day should be Earth Day, this weekend we focus on how we can better care for Mother Earth. Local events and workshops are a great source for information, inspiration and ideas for ways that...

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Preparing To Sell In Spring

If you are planning to sell your house soon, now is the time to get it ready. Start clearing away trash, give away things you don't want or need, pack in boxes the things you don't need right now and store in the garage or storage facility. ...

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Listing Agent of the Month

Listing Agent of the Month for January

This new year is proving to be a great one already! I'm so excited to announce that I was named Listing Agent of the Month for January 2018. Just on the heels of being Sales Agent of the Month for December, I couldn't be more pleased! Woo hoo! ...

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Sinkhole Scare

I was recently working with some buyer clients. We'd looked at quite a few homes and they settled on one to make an offer on. It was in great condition and really just felt very comfortable. I saw nothing alarming about it. I have some exper...

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Sales Agent of the Month Dec. 2017

Sales Agent of the Month for December

I'm thrilled to announce that I was named Sales Agent of the Month for December for my Longwood Watson office! I was just recently saying to my husband as we drove by the office, "SOME DAY my name will be on that sign!"--and there it is! Not...

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Investing In Vacation Rental Properties

Lately I've been meeting more and more investors who are drawn to the lucrative vacation rental market here in Central Florida. It's no secret that tourists flock to this area almost year round with an insatiable desire for nice vacation accomm...

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Dollars Secured

What is Florida Homestead Portability?

I had a client ask me about portability recently and I wasn't quite sure how to answer her. So, I did some research and this is what I've found. Keep in mind, I'm just a Realtor, not an attorney or tax professional! According to a Florida la...

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New Realtor

My First Real Estate Sale, Back in 2003

I earned my Florida real estate license in Palm Beach County in 2003. The very first company I worked for was Continental Properties, under the broker Myles Minns who was known as "Mr. Townhouse." I figured I could learn a lot from this marketi...

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Divorce and Dividing

Dividing Relationships, Dividing Property

When a relationship comes to an end, it's never fun. Sometimes I get clients who are walking through the final phases of divorce and I'm able to really relate to them, having been there twice. I make it as easy as possible to sell their pr...

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10 Tips For Preparing Your Property To Sell

If you’re getting ready to sell your property, here are my tips to prepare your property for sale: Remove the clutter. This is a great time to pack up what you know you want to keep, put it in boxes and put those boxes in storage ...

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Signs that Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. You may need more space to make room for a growing family or you need to downsize after your kids leave the nest. Whatever your motivations, you want to make sure that you’re timing...

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Remodeling Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

There are two ways to think about remodeling projects that will boost your home’s value; you can get one or two major remodels done or opt for a bunch of small fixes. Depending on your budget and your timetable, one approach may be better for...

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An Amazing Altamonte Springs Renovation

When my family friend asked for my advice on a property in Altamonte Springs I was happy to lend my expertise. This small block house built in 1960 belonged to her stepmother who had moved to a nursing home a year or more prior. The elderly wom...

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You Know Seller Pays Realtor Commissions, Right?

Getting to know new buyer clients can sometimes feel like going on a first date. It can feel a little uncomfortable, with everyone feeling a little self conscious. After all, buyers and sellers have over 12,000 Realtors they can choose from in ...

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To FSBO or Not To FSBO, That is the Question

People who have a property to sell sometimes decide they want to sell it themselves and save that Realtor commission. Whether or not handling a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is a good move for you depends on several factors. Here are some points...

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Setting Intentions For 2017

As 2016 draws to a close and I review the year, I’m pleased with how my real estate business has grown. I deeply appreciate all the loyal clients and friends who put their trust in me to buy or sell this year, contributing to a nice increase ...

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The Dream of Home Ownership

I’ve recently been struck by just how meaningful it is to watch someone’s dreams come true. It was my pleasure to assist some buyers recently who had been searching with me for literally a year. Their shopping budget was a little low, so th...

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Dealing With Closing Delays

As much as everyone involved with a real estate transaction wants to bring it to a successful, on-time close—things happen. In fact, ALL KINDS of things can happen to derail well-laid plans for a smooth transition. I’m not saying this t...

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The Seller’s Roadmap

So you’ve decided to sell your property. Now what? Here is a nice little graphic Watson created to show the process: The first step is to Meet With A Real Estate Professional — like me! Call me at 407-236-6559 to request your free, n...

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We’re Under Contract On Another Property

The house my husband and I are renting has gone through foreclosure proceedings, went to auction and was essentially repossessed by the bank, which in this case was Fannie Mae. We’ve been very cooperative with the listing agent and the agent...

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Retiring & Selling Your Home

When my elderly parents had to move, it was overwhelming to them. After spending so many years in the same location, uprooting was almost traumatic. But, changes in their circumstances and changes in their health, required that they live el...

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Don’t Throw Money Away On Rent

Seriously, why are you renting? If you think you can’t buy because of serious hits to your credit like a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy, TALK TO ME! Been turned down for a mortgage? GREAT! Let me tell you about a lease with right t...

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The House We Rent Is Now For Sale

The house we rent officially hit the market last Friday when it was put in the MLS. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that we’ve rented this house for over two years with hopes of purchasing it once the foreclosure was o...

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Fannie Mae Now Owns The House We Rent

If you recall, last month I talked about the situation my husband and I are going through in that the house we rent (that we really want to buy) was going to auction after foreclosure. We had no idea what would happen to us and we are still bei...

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June Sales Overview

This year’s busy season has not disappointed. Notoriously, this time heading into summer is the busiest of the year. I had three closings this month alone! First, I had the pleasure of helping a fellow artist find her "forever home." S...

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Win a Bidding War with an Escalatory Addendum

If you’re looking to buy some real estate in today’s marketplace, you know it’s very competitive. It seems everyone is in a mad rush to buy their next home before school starts up again in early August. Currently there is much more de...

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What Happens to Renters in a Foreclosed House?

I’m playing the role of guinea pig to find out the answer to that question. For over two years, my husband and I have been renting a home we knew was heading towards foreclosure. From the beginning, we told the property management company tha...

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Tips For Buyers In A Competitive Market

It’s a fact that having the highest price offer doesn’t always guarantee that the seller will choose your offer. Recently I went to visit clients I sold a home to a year ago and gave them a CMA reflecting the value of their home now. It ...

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Central Florida Changes

There is so much exciting activity going on in Central Florida right now, I can’t wait to see the end results. There is major road construction, a downtown being created and new attractions being built at local theme parks. If you’ve liv...

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On Reinventing Myself

It’s a rather unique experience when a woman gets married and takes on her husband’s last name. I’ve spent the last few months changing over every form of ID, every credit card, every sort of account I have everywhere to reflect my ne...

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1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art (OMA)

Attending 1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) is one of my favorite things to do. It’s always a special event for my fiancé and me because it’s always an anniversary of our first date. So, if you’re looking for something mem...

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The Beauty of Baldwin Park

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with a good friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while. We got got up-to-speed on each other’s lives by taking a leisurely stroll around Lake Baldwin in Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL. It’s a ...

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Original Art Is Your Closing Gift!

Besides being a Realtor, I enjoy painting in my spare time. When you close on property with me, you get to choose your closing gift from a collection of original 16? x 20? acrylic paintings. Below are a few to choose from. To see more, please v...

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The Maitland Art Center

I recently visited the Maitland Art Center, a part of Art and History Museums Maitland, and wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things you’ll find there. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy the art on display i...

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Welcome To Michelle’s Central Florida

This site is for folks who are planning to move to Central Florida, to help you get to know some of my favorite areas. It’s also a great resource for people who have been living here and now are in need of real estate services. In various ...

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