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Considering A Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle?

As I chitchat with my customers, inevitably it comes up that I’m vegetarian (almost vegan). It seems to be of real interest to some. I find it very encouraging to see that more and more people are becoming more open minded to a plant based diet, or at least perhaps consuming less animal products. These days there are so many great tasting alternative plant-based proteins, available at a regular grocery stores and even fast food. It’s becoming mainstream!

Piggy Belly RubI’m often asked why I chose to go veg. I really felt no pressure from my then boyfriend (now husband), who’d been vegetarian many years. After sharing many vegetarian meals with him, I just decided on a whim to give up meat as a New Year’s resolution. I think that’s been about five or six years ago now. I had been phasing out meat anyway, getting turned off that looked too much like an animal.

Ultimately, the reason I became vegetarian is for the animals. I can’t love on my kitty and doggo while factory farms make life a living hell for countless suffering animals, simultaneously contributing to air and water pollution. It’s just so unnecessary.

If you’re considering moving to the Central Florida area, there are several excellent vegan restaurants. Here are a few of my favorites:

Locally, there are some active Meetup Groups built around a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. And, if you love nature like me, you’ll love all the natural parks, springs and lakes around Central Florida. It’s a real treat to actually see some Florida wildlife in the wild.

Besides animal welfare and environmental concerns, many people embrace the veg lifestyle because their health is suffering. Many chronic diseases can be radically remedied with a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it. But I am pretty darn healthy for a 53-year-old! The only meds I take is a statin for cholesterol and the occasional muscle relaxer.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d recommend some informative movies on Netflix:

I’m always happy to meet fellow veggies and welcome newbies to the Veg Side! Call me, 407-236-6559, let’s have lunch and go house shopping!