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Don’t Throw Money Away On Rent

Seriously, why are you renting? If you think you can’t buy because of serious hits to your credit like a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy, TALK TO ME! Been turned down for a mortgage? GREAT! Let me tell you about a lease with right to purchase program that can get you into a home of your choosing.

The process is really very simple. There is a flat $75 application fee per household (not per person). If you can meet some minimum requirements — at least a 525 credit score, a household income of $50,000+, no serious criminal history, no evictions and stable employment — then you’ll be given an approval amount to go HOUSE SHOPPING.

Only properties in the top 50% school districts will be approved and they must be in good condition. So, you’ll know you’re getting a nice place to live in and perhaps an excellent investment. Through the program, the approved property you select is bought and then leased to you. You can choose to lease for up to five years or buy the house at any time, when you’re ready. Take time to repair credit, save up for a down payment, or simply get to know the area better before committing.

Click to check out a current listing I have that may be eligible for this program. Rent it for $1990/month or buy it for $265,000.

Call me for more info at 407-236-6559 or email me at msellgren(at)watsonrealtycorp(dotted)com.