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My First Real Estate Sale, Back in 2003

New RealtorI earned my Florida real estate license in Palm Beach County in 2003. The very first company I worked for was Continental Properties, under the broker Myles Minns who was known as “Mr. Townhouse.” I figured I could learn a lot from this marketing savvy broker who made a name for himself selling townhouses! I was placed under the watchful eye of my manager/broker Michelle Zwart. She led frequent, insightful classes and I took every one, soaking up all I could learn.

One day, Myles Minns passed a buyer lead to Michelle Zwart who chose to give it to me. This lead was from a woman that Myles had sold a house to in the past. She had recently passed away but now her daughter was ready to buy her first home.

I was nervous and excited to help my first buyer client, but didn’t let on that she was my first. My client was nervous and excited to be buying her first home. She had a dog-eared book in her hands that was about buying your first home. She had dozens of questions; I could answer most of them. Some of them I had to tell her that I didn’t know but that I’d find out rather than give her false information.

The home shopping adventure was fun. We had funny knicknames for the properties and unusual inhabitants we came across. Finally she found “the one” and we put in an offer that was accepted. We were then on to the next phases of inspection, appraisal, etc.

We eventually made it to the closing table. In the many years since that first transaction, I have never had a buyer or seller bring an attorney to the closing. This young woman did. A little intimidating, but our ducks were all in a row.

Successful AgentOnce it was all over, my manager Michelle came to me one day with a testimonial from this young woman that was sent directly to Myles Minns. Michelle was so proud as she read it aloud to me. It was full of appreciation and glowing remarks about me and the service provided. She even read it aloud at our next sales meeting, adding “AND THIS WAS HER FIRST DEAL!”

Needless to say, the young woman never knew she was dealing with a rather green Realtor. She didn’t have to know. As long as a new agent has the backing of an excellent brokerage, navigating new territory should be no big deal. Everyone has to be new at some point!

Now, 14 years later I’m a pretty seasoned real estate agent. Although, I still learn something new from every deal! It’s never boring in real estate and that’s why I love it so much.

If I may be of service to help you buy, sell, upsize, downsize or invest in property, please call me at 407-236-6559 for a pleasant, no obligation meeting.

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