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June Sales Overview

This year’s busy season has not disappointed. Notoriously, this time heading into summer is the busiest of the year. I had three closings this month alone!

First, I had the pleasure of helping a fellow artist find her “forever home.” She was the easiest client ever! She had been scouring the online listings for months, even prior to hiring me. So, when she saw a listing that really captured her interest, she was ready to look at it. She said that if it looked as good in person as in the pictures, she was all in. The property really had the things she craved: a pool and lots of nature to watch in the heavily wooded back yard. It was the first and only listing I showed her! The property is unique in that it’s a large plot of land, but only about a quarter of it is occupied by the house. The rest is nature!

Second, I sold a listing in Orlando that came to my via an office lead. The property is a small house that was totally renovated by the sellers. It was initially going to be for their daughter, but it didn’t work out that way. We were pleased to get an offer $1500 over asking price after being on the market for only four days. What was unique about this sale was that the seller (husband), the buyer and the buyer’s agent were all veterans. We had a few extra hurdles dealing with a VA loan, but it made for some engaging conversation at the closing table!

Third, I sold the investment home in Oviedo of some dear friends of mine. They were tired of playing landlord and having to fix things on the weekends. We had a flurry of activity as soon as we listed the home, with multiple offers and competing escalatory addendums. We took an offer well over asking price and were thrilled. The lesson here was that even though we could drive up the price with such high demand, ultimately it has to appraise. The buyer and seller had to agree to a lesser sale price because of where the appraisal came in. In the end, the sale price was the list price, confirming that my valuation was pretty dead on!

As always, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, your referrals are much appreciated! Right now I’m looking for sellers with properties in the $100-150K range. I have six buyers with pre approval letters ready to buy!