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List Early For Less Competition

Selling Your Home Is A Beauty ContestWhen you list your property for sale, it can be a lot like a beauty contest. Buyers will look at a lot of houses and compare yours to the hottie two blocks over. Buyers browse through contestant after contestant, looking for that stunning, standout winner.

You’ll want YOUR house to look its absolute best. Before listing pictures are taken, make sure it is squeaky clean and fix any flaws or at least minimize them. Consider a fresh coat of paint. Put away clutter that will detract from buyers seeing that real inner beauty. Then I’ll invest in great “headshots” by using a professional photographer to take photos of your property. 

As your Realtor, part of my job is to guide you towards preparing your property for sale. I’ll advise you as to what to fix and what to leave for the new owner to customize to their taste. Much like a matchmaker, my mission is to match your property with the buyer who will fall in love and have all their hopes and dreams fulfilled. I’ll advertise and market to find that exact buyer who will appreciate the unique beauty of your home and the endless possibilities of happily ever after.

As we approach Florida’s busy selling season from spring to summer, the sooner you list, the less competition. Call me now—spring is just a couple of weeks away! Schedule a free, no pressure meeting to discuss your goals and needs: 407-236-6559.