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Should You List With One Of Those New Companies?

It seems every week a new real estate company crops up offering to buy your house for a great price while saving you on commission and avoiding the hassle of open houses and buyers touring your house. Is it really that easy? It sounds a bit too good to be true and I would encourage you to do your homework.

Indeed, if you really want to sell your house without having a bunch of strangers in and out of your house while you’re living there, I can certainly understand that. Been there, done that. It’s tough to get everyone in the household on board to keep the house tidy at all times, ready for potential buyers. Not to mention the feeling that your privacy is constantly being invaded. But, there are alternatives.

If you choose one of these new companies, be sure to read the fine print. They may not charge a commission per se but they do charge some type of other fee that is quite sizable. A commission by any other name is still money out of your pocket.

These new companies are essentially real estate companies that are investment groups, looking to buy houses at a reduced price so they can turn around and sell them for a profit. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what me and all my investor buddies are looking for! If you’re willing to sell for below market value, I have cash buyers (including me) willing and able to take that house off your hands.

Now these companies will tempt you will a high initial offer price. But, I’ve heard from people who experienced this, that then after inspection they ask you to repair a bunch of things or reduce the sale price significantly. Investors are in it to make money. They are not going to give you top dollar for your property. There has to be a margin for them to resell and make some profit.

Must Sell SignSo, depending on what your main goal is, I would recommend you speak to a Realtor. We don’t work for free but we do often give free info to point you in the right direction. To net the most profit you could certainly sell it For Sale By Owner. There is no commission involved in putting your own sign in the yard and maybe listing on forsalebyowner.com. But, do you have the experience to price the property competitively? Do you have the sales skills to negotiate a deal with a tough negotiator? Do you have the people skills to deal with the wide variety of people who come knocking on your door to see the house?

The value of having a real human on your side during a real estate transaction is huge. I personally have seen all sorts of things that can go wrong as you head towards a closing. If I haven’t surmounted a particular challenge myself, you can bet my broker or one of my fellow Watson agents has. Surprises crop up at inspection. Buyers’ financing falls through the day before closing. Sellers won’t leave the property well after closing. Sellers die. We see it all! Wouldn’t you feel better having an experienced agent at your side when issues rear their ugly head? What’s that worth to you? Call me and let’s talk about it: 407-236-6559!