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Preparing To Sell In Spring

SoldIf you are planning to sell your house soon, now is the time to get it ready. Start clearing away trash, give away things you don’t want or need, pack in boxes the things you don’t need right now and store in the garage or storage facility.

Spring to summer is historically when most properties are sold here in Florida and as we get closer to that time frame, your house will have more competition for buyers’ attention. So you may be wondering what to fix and what to leave as is. Here are some of my tips and insights.

A list price of under $250,000 is super in demand right now. You can expect multiple offers even if it’s not in perfect condition. Of course needed repairs and updates will affect its value. Even if the property has been well cared for and presents in good condition, if the interior design is from 1977, today’s buyers will want to bring it into the current century.

If a property needs major repairs like a leaking roof, broken A/C, polybutylene plumbing, aluminum wiring, Federal Pacific electrical boxes, or mold remediation you can expect lots of low offers from investors who will be happy to take it off your hands, fix it up and sell it for a profit. That might be perfect for you to just walk away from the headache. Most investors pay with cash or private money, so not passing an inspection is not a problem for them. Houses that won’t pass an inspection cannot qualify for an FHA or VA mortgage, so cash or a conventional mortgage would be required.

If your property needs some of these things or has minor issues, you can still sell it as is. Fix what you can and disclose all the rest. Often I see clients offer a closing cost credit to replace an old carpet with whatever the new owner would like. Offering a home warranty goes a long way to instill confidence in a buyer that for at least a year those pesky unexpected repairs will be handled.

That being said, do take care of those little things like a squeaky door, broken handle, torn screen, etc. Do your best to tackle any lingering odors like from indoor smoking, pets, etc. For particularly stubborn odors, you can hire a professional with an ozone air purifier to handle that.

The room that really sells the house is the kitchen. If you have the budget to update only one room, this is it. Everyone loves what they see on HGTV so think granite or quartz counter tops, tile backsplash, attractive cabinets with modern drawer pulls, and center islands.

If you’d like me to come by and provide my suggestions on preparing your house for sale, please give me a call at 407-236-6559. I’d be happy to prepare a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) so you can see what your property is worth and how it compares with others on the market. I do my best, using my Realtor tools, to figure out what an appraiser would value your house at. I’m pretty on target — most of my listings sell for about 96% of list price!