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Your Reliable Guide In A Strange Market

People have called this time during the Coronavirus Pandemic “unprecedented times” or “uncertain times”… I just think it’s downright strange! I feel like I’m living in a movie. Nothing is exactly normal anymore. But, regardless of the virus, people still need shelter and that’s why Realtors are still working. We provide an essential service.

Sure, if you can put off a move, many people are waiting a while to see what happens in the next weeks and months. Others really can’t make a move because of lost jobs and lost income. Still, there are folks that really must move now or must sell and go now. If you’re ready and able to buy or sell now, I am here for you. I’ll be your reliable guide as we navigate an utterly strange market on our way to the goal: a closed real estate transaction.

Michelle Sellgren, RealtorIt seems almost daily we are given updated safety protocols that have been put in place for us to follow for showings, listing presentations, closings, etc. I’ll guide you through doing everything we can do virtually or electronically. Then, we have specifics procedures for in person showings and closings. It’s all pretty logical and practical–and utterly doable!

So, don’t let the mask and gloves scare you. There’s a real human working behind the haz mat garb to introduce you to your next home-sweet-home or sell your property for top dollar!

I know many people are super stressed out with everything that is happening in the world today. I do my best to shield my customers from stress and hold onto a sense of humor. I stay on top of important deadlines and proactively overcome challenges. I will calmly guide you, step by step, keeping you informed and gladly answering any questions. Sure, challenges arise, but most also come with a multitude of solutions. Know that my tenacity, my gentle spirit and my professional experience will get things done for you with your best interests in mind. 

SPRING SPECIAL: If you list your property with me in the month of April or May, I’ll spring for a home warranty for the buyer. It’s a nice incentive that makes your property stand out and it’s worth $600! Call or text me at 407-236-6559 or email me!