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In Search Of Scary Houses

Scary Tarp RoofYou know the kind of house I’m talking about. It’s the eyesore of the neighborhood with its blue tarps, boarded-up windows and overgrown grass. Nobody knows what’s going on with it. There are rumors it’s haunted. Everyone wishes somebody would buy it and fix it up again.

That somebody is me! I LOVE SCARY HOUSES!

Every house has history and that’s what I find so interesting. The older the house, the more I can imagine various people living there, going through their unique joys and challenges in that house. I wonder what happened that it became so neglected and abandoned. I think about the potential it holds…

Scary KitchenPoking through an old house that needs extensive repair and renovation, wearing my mask, gloves and boots… I see the paint colors they chose for the outside, the wallpaper that seemed like a good idea a long time ago, the feeble attempts at home repair by a less-than-handy handyman…

I take note of all the necessary repairs, updates and what seems to be ok, so I can budget how much it would take to revive this Frankenstein. Then I go to my computer to plug numbers into a spreadsheet and see what it would take to make this depressing mess into somebody’s perfect home-sweet-home.

Some of the scariest fixer-uppers have some significant issues: fire damage, mold, foundation problems, or possible sinkholes. Pretty much most of these things can be remedied… for a price. 

Now, if that beast is actually YOUR property… may I suggest that 2020 is the year to SET IT FREE?! Call me and tell me you’re ready to “Sell this house!”

MoldJust like many of the real estate companies that have popped up recently, I can solve your problem without a single open house, without even a real estate sign, without you fixing a thing. I can even save you a TON on commission and other fees. Just like these large investment groups, I can offer you a fair price that takes into account the condition.

My partner and I can pay cash for a property that would never in a million years qualify for traditional financing. An appraisal likely wouldn’t be necessary and we only need a short window of time for inspections.

The kind of houses we look for are NOT the kind that I could easily sell on the open market as a professional Realtor. They are the kind that only investors would want, because we can see the value. And, there is still much demand in Florida and, quite frankly, I’m all about recycling!

Call me and tell me about your scary house. Let’s see what we can do to take it off your hands. I can’t wait to show you how pretty I can make it! Call 407-236-6559 or email me the property details and I’ll get started on my research.