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Selling & Buying During a Pandemic

One of the hardest things to manage in real estate as a Realtor is multiple transactions closing at the same time. If Closing 1 needs that money to go to Closing 2, and Closing 2 needs that money for Closing 3, and so on… If any one of those closings goes off the rails, it’s an ugly domino effect.

That’s when you really need to rely on your Realtor’s experience and proactive communication, to get IN FRONT of issues so they can be handled expediently. Us Realtors work together to communicate our way through the hurdles of the process. The listing agent and the buyer’s agent, both looking out for their customers, negotiate and communicate, guiding the way to the closing table.

Taking on selling and buying right now may seem daunting. But sometimes when you gotta move, you gotta move. It’s not impossible, just pack your patience. There may be delays in closings. Hopefully not by much, but closings have run at least a few days late lately because appraisers are overloaded. It seems with all the refinancing going on, along with healthy sales, they are in high demand and booking six weeks out, in some cases. Also, underwriters are being a little extra cautious and picky lately, definitely wanting employment verification the day of closing!

Holding Keys To the HouseIf priced accurately, your listing should go under contract quickly. So, get your house picture ready, as best you can. Call on your favorite Realtor and get it in the MLS. Then get yourself pre approved for a mortgage. With that pre approval letter in hand, your favorite Realtor can take you home shopping. When you’re ready to put an offer on that next home, you’ll need that pre approval letter. And, if your offer is contingent on the sale of your house, they will want to know that it is actively on market. Better yet, if you have an offer on it already, they’ll be more inclined to accept your offer knowing someone is already contracted to buy yours.

If there are health concerns in your family or home, let’s talk about our safety plan. Watson observes all the recommended COVID-19 protocols and we will take all precautions. Talk to me about your comfort level and we will plan accordingly. Call me and let’s strategize: 407-236-6559.