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SPRING SPECIAL: Free Home Warranty For Sellers

Repair BillWhy is a home warranty a good idea? For buyers, it instills a sense of confidence in a property. At least for the first year, there is the peace of mind that the main things that could need repair are essentially taken care of with just a service fee. It’s a nice perk for buyers and if the seller offers to pay for it, that may make a listing more attractive than another listing–and therefore sell faster.

Sellers can also opt for seller coverage during the listing period, for a nominal fee. This can often provide savings on requested repairs after the buyer’s inspection report comes in. Many sellers choose to sell “as is” and don’t want to make any repairs. In such instances, a home warranty can be offered in lieu of repairs.

If you list your property for sale with me during the month of April or May, I’ll spring for a home warranty for your buyers. That’s a $600 value! Call or text me at 407-236-6559 or email me!