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The House We Rent Is Now For Sale

The house we rent officially hit the market last Friday when it was put in the MLS. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that we’ve rented this house for over two years with hopes of purchasing it once the foreclosure was over. Well, now it’s getting real…

I was shocked to see the list price, well above what I believe this house is worth. They listed it at $279,900 when the highest recent sale of a similar property was $275,000 and it was fully remodeled with high-end finishes — unlike our house. Perhaps their strategy is to list high and simply lower the price after a while. It sure garnered very little interest its first week on market.

We’re required to comply with showing the property and the first and only showing this week came literally an hour late. (I’ve requested 24 hours notice, with showings by appointment only.) Again, my appreciation for the tenants involved in real estate sales situation has reached a new level. Dealing with the general public can be challenging and having strangers come into the sanctity of my home seems like such an intrusion.

So, my husband and I are looking at other options while awaiting the first price drop. It some point we’ll likely put in an offer, but it won’t be anywhere near what they’re asking for now. We have inquired about that “cash for keys” incentive to move. No answer. I guess that won’t come into play until they have a buyer who wants us out.

Stay tuned! As always, if you have any real estate related questions or if I may be of service in any way, call me at 407-236-6559.