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I Work With FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) Sellers

Lately there has been WAY more demand for properties than there is inventory. That means more people want to buy than there are properties available for them to even look at! I often say, “Anything under $250K is going like hotcakes!” You can definitely expect multiple offers and bidding wars. A real estate agent has to be on his or her toes to manage all those offers and advise their sellers which offer is best.

For buyers, this can be daunting and dismaying. I’m working with some buyers right now and we lost several bidding wars before finally getting under contract. We are closing this week! So, don’t give up! This Realtor will chase down every avenue to get you into your dream home!

My last two sales were with sellers that were not selling their property through the MLS with a real estate agent. One was a property a friend was preparing to sell for her elderly mother who was moving in with her. She’d asked me to give her an idea of value so I did a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for her. We discussed my services and I left it at that. Some time passed and I checked back with her when I had a buyer that could potentially be a good match. We worked out a commission agreement and went under contract. It was a very smooth, easy closing and a win-win for everyone.

FOR SALE BY OWNERThe other sale was a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) that my buyers found on Zillow or Realtor.com and is was actively being sold by the sellers themselves. They made it clear in their property description that they would be willing to pay a buyer’s agent a commission. We made contact. We worked out a commission agreement and went under contract. Again, it was a very smooth, easy closing and a win- win for everyone.

If you are considering selling, and are considering doing it yourself, call me and let’s discuss the pros and cons. If you have sold a house before and are able to deal with the general public yourself, that may be a good option for you. There are many options available.

It is possible you could sell without ever having an open house or opening the door to throngs of buyers. I have ready buyers looking right now and your property could be the perfect fit! Also, I have ready investors looking for that next flip they can buy cheaply for cash, renovate and sell. I’m currently in search of a large property with a mother-in-law suite that’s affordable and in Seminole county. Why is that so hard to find!?

Call me if I can be of service: 407-236-6559. It would be my pleasure!